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An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas

An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas


Ninh Van Bay Villas is described on Trip Advisor as “a beautiful hideaway”, “amazing”, “peace on earth” and “wonderful” An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas is rated as the number 5 hotel in Nha Tang.

A 2016 Travellers Choice Award winner it consists of private villas with beach and lagoon front options each with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Each villa has butler service and is equipped with the latest technology including wireless Internet and HD television. Though you are likely to spend more time in your own private hammock than you are enjoying the technology.

Nha Trang itself is situated on the south coast of Vietnam Nha Trang is a centre for marine science and is a perfect spot for enjoying the wonders of the sea.

With views of Hon Tre Island (Bamboo Island) the area is a short hop from from Hon Tam, and Hon Lao, where wild monkeys and other wild life can be experience.

Guide to the Sa Pa Terraces

Places to Visit

The Sa Pa rice terraces are are true wonder of modern farming and our human ability to adapt and survive. Terraces of flat land created on the mountainous Northern region of Sa Pa housing rice fields farmed by the local community.

Transforming the mountain side into a series of giant steps has turned previously unfarmable land into a landscape of fertile rice paddies and created a visual spectacle at the same time.

During the months of April and May the mountain side is transformed into a reflective mass as the fields are heavily watered for the impending drop. Visit in June and July and you will be treated to a lush green landscape as the rice plants mature.  And then in September and October as the plants ripen the mountain side is transformed into a golden colour before harvesting.

Of course how much of this you see will be dictated by the mist which descends on Sa Pa for large parts of the year.  The climate varies from a sub tropical summer to a temperate winter so choose your time of visit well.

Sa Pa itself is a poor area which relies on farming and tourism for survival as well as being supported by the government. So paying Sa Pa a visit will not only provide you with some wonderful views and memories but will help support the region and its people economically.  And with views like this it is one not to be missed.

vietnam rice terrace

sa pa rice terraces

5 Must Try Vietnamese Dishes



The country’s national dish is a must try for anybody visiting the region. This dish is a core part of the Vietnamese and is eaten at any time of the day and night, although primarily at breakfast time.

A broth type dish with noodles and infused with flavour from coriander and ginger, Pho is then served with chicken, Pork or beef.

vietnamese pho

Goi Cuon

With the literal meaning ‘salad rolls’ it is not difficult to imagine what you are getting with this dish. A wafer thin coating is packed with green vegetables and sometimes meat and fish also, similar to a spring roll without the deep frying.  They are then dipped into an accompanying sauce before being devoured.

goi cuon vietnamese dish

Banh Mi

A throwback to the French Colonialism but with the zing of Asian cuisine.  A French style baguette with Asian filling such as fish cakes, meatballs or pork belly.  Mixed in with Asian greens and topped off with chilli which packs a punch.

vietnam banh mi

Banh Xeo

More French influence in this Vietnamese spin on the crepe. Fried pancake batter with a contents of meat or fish and served with Asian salad and vegetables. Enjoy hot from the pan.

vietnamese banh xeo

Bun Cha

Enjoyed in the streets of Hanoi and served by street vendors, Bun Cha are pork made into small hamburger patties barbecued and served with rice.

Vietnamese bun cha